International conference on Aquaculture — Aquaculture-2018 (Copenhagen, Denmark, 04 — 06, June, 2018)

«International conference on Aquaculture«, at Copenhagen, Denmark on 04 — 06, June, 2018.
Aquaculture-2018 will focus on “Integrated Aquaculture & Fisheries: Current Status and Future Opportunities”.

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Conference Sessions:

Ø  Aquatic Ecosystem and Aqua Farming Methods

Ø  IMTA and Integrated Aquaculture

Ø  Aquaculture Modelling and Technologies

Ø  Aquaculture Diseases

Ø  Aquaculture Nutrition

Ø  Aquaculture and Bio-system Research

Ø  Aquatic Organism’s By-products and Their Applications

Ø  Diversification in Aquaculture

Ø  Aquatic Immunology, Physiology & Pathology

Ø  Aquaculture Law and Policy

Ø  Aquatic Toxicology

Ø  Aquaculture Environment Interactions – Measuring, Modelling and Mitigation

Ø  Fish Habitat Ecology and Conservation

Ø  Post-Harvest Techniques and Aquaculture Products

Ø  Fish Genetics & Biotechnology

Ø  Aquaculture Engineering & RAS and many more..

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